TRsystems GmbH , Division Unidor

Trendsetting we realize technology
for the punching-, press- and forming

Comprehensive guard, max. assurance,
highest quality and 100% availability for
machine and tool.

The users our Systems and components are:

the engineering as original equipment manufacturer
the maker by re-fitting
the tool makers

We at UNIDOR are engineers – realists, for whom facts count. Our job: the automation of all kinds of presses.
Our objective: to ensure operational reliability in the production of high quality manufactured parts. No
one belonging to the international guild of our colleagues will claim to have ever accomplished ”one hundred
per cent”. We don’t either. Yet we are very, very close, and we are proud of it. You must understand ”one
hundred per cent” is not just another figure to us, it is the goal we endeavour to achieve.

There are many different ways of controlling and monitoring the products of punching and metalforming
processes. Some are elegant, others less elegant. One of the less elegant processes is to test the final parts
for quality and to then dispose the rejected parts. The optimum way is to measure, evaluate and if necessary
change a variety of relevant values in real time during the actual production process – the breakthrough
to manufactured quality. A milestone that we have successfully set and a milestone which we will surpass.
Because only the full integration of press and process control will bring about the next quantum leap in press
automation. We’re working on it – it is the drive upon which our customers all over the world depend.The
following pages will show you exactly what you can expect from UNIDOR. We would like to thank you for
your interest.

From sensors to systems, we provide everything you need for efficient production with a total overview
and long machine and tool life in the stamping, pressing and metalforming Industry.

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